Support the Vinyl Version of “Après nous, le silence.”

Since the album’s release, we’ve had plans to bring it out on vinyl, but due to technical constraints (double vinyl, track order, finances…), the project was put on hold until a more suitable time. And that time has finally come!

Under Étienne’s initiative, with the support of our label N-Vox, and, most importantly, with your help, we’re resurrecting the vinyl project.

We need you.

For those in the know, making vinyl isn’t cheap! (€50 with shipping per piece). So, we’re launching a pay-what-you-want pre-order campaign, keeping it as DIY as possible, outside the usual channels. No official crowdfunding, everything will go through our network.

How to participate?

Click on our PayPal link below and contribute what you can/want. We’ve always trusted you, and we continue to do so for the consistency of donations.

Make your payments with PayPal. It’s free, secure, effective. !!! DON’T FORGET !!! Note in the “message” tab: Name, first name, address, and quantity! Choose “send money to friends and family” in PayPal to avoid additional fees, and take a screenshot for record-keeping in case of issues, refunds, etc.

What about timelines?

If you’ve been following the band for a while, you know we’re not deadline experts. We’re not about impulse buying; we don’t control production timelines. We’ll wait until we have a sufficient level of participation to place orders (minimum 10). Once the threshold is reached, it goes into production, and at that point, we’ll provide you with timelines. If, unfortunately, we don’t reach the necessary amount, we’ll, of course, refund your contribution.

A heartfelt THANK YOU

It’s not just a transaction, not just a vinyl. It’s an evolution, a massive thank you for your support, and a “physical” expression of our commitment to always do better. And, as always, creating an opportunity to connect with those who wish to. Thank you for everything, friends! We can’t wait.