Reigan-Do is a network driven by our desire to live music differently, outside the traditional ways: far from the majors, labels, producers and other communication networks.

We have always offered live performances “at home” in addition to our classic concerts. Since COVID has taken over the world and not only the world of entertainment, Reigan-Do decided to develop the concept of these private parties even further.

What can a concert look like in your living room or in your garden?
Simple, totally autonomous in equipment (sound, lights etc. …), a 20 or 30 m2 place is enough for us to set up. Friends and neighbors are welcome, but don’t forget that Reigan-Do is noisy (a lot of noise), so think about anticipating this and warn your neighbors.

Like everyone else, we have to deal with the financial parameter that is often at the heart of this kind of approach. We don’t ask for money to come and perform in your living room. We understand and support bands that want to make a living from their music, but we don’t want to.
Unfortunately, playing implies many things including expenses that are not always directly related to the music (especially travel expenses).
So this is the only thing that we will not have the choice to ask you: the refund of our travel. For everything else (eating, drinking and sleeping) it is not mandatory, we also manage it alone if needed.

more infos and contact on our telegram channel or by mail

2024 lives

jun 8, 2024 “La spirale” – Annecy (74)

Concert with Mornifle

march 29, 2024 “Boulangerie du Prado” – Lyon (69)
october 22, 2022 “JUSTNFEST” by We Rock – Saint Just
Jun 24, 2022 “Le Rock n eat” – Lyon
concert with Unkaria and September Again
May 28, 2022 Post Night” – Brin de Zinc (Barberaz)
concert with Mornifle and Homecoming
February 25, 2022 “Le Monster’S Art” – Fréjus
Stage shared with Ninth and Raises The Mercury
address: Monster’s Art : 358 rue Rudolf Diesel – Zone de la Palud 83600 Fréjus

2021 lives

August 22, 2021 “Brin de Zinc” – Barberaz

The concert will begin at 7pm, and we share it with Ezox

Brin de Zinc address: 3 route de la Paysse 73000 Barberaz

August 13, 2021 “Le Monster’S Art” – Fréjus

Stage shared with Aurore and Ezox

address: Monster’s Art : 358 rue Rudolf Diesel – Zone de la Palud 83600 Fréjus

July 23, 2021 “La Salle Gueule” – Marseille

Stage shared with Aurore and Fleur

address: La Salle Gueule : 8 rue d’Italie 13006 Marseille

May 15 Mai, 2020 “Le Monster’S Art” – Fréjus (COVID canceled)