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Reigan-Do is a music band, but our purpose is to create a network, to link people, groups, artists, those who are moving for music and who have desire to help each other.

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The association Metal In Veins was created in November 2018, it aims to promote emerging (underground) local and international bands by allowing them to access the scenes of different regions of France and other countries such as Switzerland. The association allows exchanges between bands, between scenes and between countries.


Skull Strings

Their materials are of the highest quality, chosen among the best, and their manufacturing techniques are uncompromising to obtain the best rope possible. Stainless steel, sophisticated manufacturing processes, precise and regular controls during all stages, everything is implemented to produce the best performing metal ropes in the world.

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We Rock

WE ROCK is the organizer of the Just’N’Fest festival and participates in the promotion of Rock / Metal music, in all its diversities.

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We are Ripcords

Fundraising in Scotland, mainly for Rape Crisis and mental health charities. #dosomething

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Piercing & tatoo
38 Route de Lyon, 38140 Apprieu


BlackSmith Audio

We bend your sound to make it cut.”


Monster art

concert hall
358 Rue Rudolf Diesel, 83600 Fréjus