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Après nous le silence (2022)

2END757 (2019)


A trap, we feel like rats,
Tearing our skins for their crumbs Giving our flesh for their crown
We’re like decay, we’re like decay

Sample :

Most of the people who graduated in the 60’s, dropouts or half-baked intellectuals, are now occupying the positions of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media, educational system. You are stuck with them, you cannot get rid of them, they are contaminated, they are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information, even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still cannot change the basic perception and the logic of behavior.


This is the end of everythings, the end, the end
Wish i could try to kill my dreams
A chance, a chance
Let me destroy myself, the only to do is burn


Know, the beast was our leader

Know, his might was hidden under

Remember, we chose what happened to us

Forsaken, the fiend was our brothers,

and everyone has lost their shelter.

Sample :

To human eyes, we are all guilty. We are all killers. That is how they will see us now. So we must be beyond reproach. We must stay open. Show them mercy when they extend none, forgiveness when they deserve none. 
Some will reach back. Not many. But those who take our hand will not let go. Believe me.


What we heard we heard it before

Our beliefs have never been wrong

This is just an overview

We go back again to down


Our judgment has come, without fail

And where we come from, forgiveness, is to be deserved

We are mean, dark, shameful, we are sinners

The judgement has past, we’re all guilty

Owing to violence, owing to hate

Because of our weakness, because of our lies

No time for remorse, no time for regrets

I swear it never was a secret, our place is on in hell

If i could change our just fate, i would not do it

This will be my final sentence

This will be your final statement

This will be our final judgement


Please contain my wrath, my wrath

It’s time for you, to hear this truth

We can mend, what we fouled

Rise your rage, fight your wretched fate

No one can stop this surge

No one can prevent this outbreak

Never go back

Right now, now, now

All your cries, all your pains are vain


Thank you, Sarah, for your courage through the dark years. I can’t help you with what you must soon face, except to say that the future is not set. You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive, or I will never exist.


Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day when one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears, and swords. Being carried away by surging waves. Being thrown into the midst of a great fire. Being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake. Falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease, or committing seppuku at the death of one’s master. And every day, without fail, one should consider himself as dead.